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Where should I take the kids? Your guide to family fun days in Cornwall

Keeping kids entertained in the summer holidays can be extremely difficult, especially with the bad weather we often experience during British summertime. We’ve pulled together 6 highlights of Cornwall that promise to revamp your summer and provide some amazing memories for your children.

The Monkey Sanctuary, Looe

Home to 36 rescued monkeys The Monkey Sanctuary in Looe promises a fantastic family day out. When you visit your little ones will be able to marvel at the monkeys and learn all about their habitat and lifestyle. As well as this you can stroll through the wildlife gardens, check out the live-feed from the Bat Zone and enjoy lunch in the cafe. Children and adults will enjoy the day out all the same, there’s even the chance to be a keeper for a day!

looe monkey sanctuary

Minack Theatre, Penzance

Minack Theatre is nestled into the side of a cliff in Penzance overlooking the sea. Offering fab views the open-air theatre is known around the world and is a tourism hotspot. If you fancy seeing a play this summer then there’s everything on offer from one of Shakespeare’s classics to an original piece put together by the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. If you’re not keen on plays and music performances you can always tour around the theatre, learning all about its history backstage and in the exhibition centre.


Lanhydrock House and Garden, Bodmin

Victorian masterpiece Lanhydrock House is a firm family favourite amongst locals and those travelling from further afield. Acres of gardens follow on from the stunning, unpretentious house and feature cycle paths too for those who want to explore the entire estate. Discover the history of Lanhydrock House and then wash it all down with a cup of tea and cake in the cafe.

lanhydrock house

Fistral Beach, Newquay

Fistral Beach combines a peaceful, family beach day trip with all the modcons you could need. The iconic beach is the location of many festivals through the summer and is a family hotspot where your young ones could learn to surf, bodyboard or just splash in the sea. Plus as it’s a European designated beach the water hits certain quality tests. Pair your day out with fish and chips or an ice cream and the kids will have a whale of a time.

fistral beach

National Maritime Museum Cornwall, Falmouth

The National Maritime Museum in Cornwall is a day out come rain or shine. Regardless of the weather your family can enjoy learning all about Cornwall’s vast marine history including the role of vikings in the past. The Museum houses a huge collection of exhibits, galleries and the Waterside Cafe all under one roof so you can learn, play and eat all under one roof.

national maritime museum cornwall

Bodmin and Wenford Railway, Bodmin

Slightly different from any others on this list the Bodmin and Wenford Railway is an absolute treat for the whole family. Climb aboard a classic steam train and puff through the countryside taking in all the scenery. Bring your pooch along to make the day extra special or tuck into some seriously good food on the Cornish Belle first class dining train.

bodmin wenford railway

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The ultimate office move checklist

Moving house can be a stressful process, we’re all aware of this! However relocating offices is a whole new kettle of fish, especially when you consider all of the files and furnishings you may be moving. We’ve compiled the ‘ultimate office move checklist’ to help you minimise the chaos and maximise efficiency!

The checklist

  • Usteam office movee the floor plan of your new office to experiment with layouts
  • Does your new office come with furnishings or do you need to take your own? Arriving to your new office with double the amount of furniture you need is not a good way to start the day!
  • Back up your files before you unplug any computers or transport laptops
  • Move paper files into a locked cabinet or store archive files for safekeeping until you’ve finished moving offices
  • Box work stations individually if you can (packing computer equipment that goes together can lessen the stress of finding leads etc.)
  • Empty desk drawers and lock them so your removal company can manoeuvre them more easily
  • If you rent your office furniture make sure to inform the rental company of the move
  • Plan who’s items need moving in first and so should be loaded into the van last.
  • Pack up anything you don’t need immediately (office posters/signage) a few days before the move, giving you time to focus on the important items on the day
  • Inform your utility companies about moving – this will help minimise down time in regards to telephone services
  • Tell your broadband provider that you’re moving well in advance (that way you won’t have to go without email and the internet for days or weeks)

For more help and advice on your office relocationget in touch with our expert team, good luck!

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10 reasons to move to Cornwall

1. People treat each other like family

Cornwall is a quirky place full of friendly, lovable, helpful communities who all look out for each other and feed each other’s cats when they go on holiday. So if you’re walking down the street and are greeted in passing by a few different people, you probably don’t know them: they’re just from Cornwall!


2. Two words: The Food.

If you haven’t tried a genuine, traditional Cornish pasty yet, you need to get on the next train down and sample one immediately! Whilst you’re here, visit one of a number of restaurants owned by top British chefs, including Rick Stein, Jamie Oliver and Nathan Outlaw.  Make sure you indulge in a cream tea too. They’ll definitely convince you to move here!


3. We know how to party

In addition to its many eclectic festivals covering a love of music across all genres, Cornwall is home to the renowned Boardmasters festival, typically boasting a combination of A-listers and lesser-known indie bands. Port Eliot Festival in St Germans also attracts crowds annually from all across the UK with a collection of diverse cultural entertainment, as does the Eden Sessions, who have hosted musical legends from Elton John to Motorhead! Relative newcomer Looe Music Festival is also deserving of a mention, together with a host of agricultural fairs and literary festivals.


4. Make a difference to our planet

If you’re one for the warmer climes, don’t worry – ditch your coat at the door and take a look around the two giant biomes at the internationally acclaimed visitor attraction, ‘Eden Project’. Filled with plants and trees from tropical and Mediterranean climates, the Project is just five miles from St Austell, is an educational charity inspiring conservation throughout the world, as well as being a great family day out!


5. Netflix session? Catching up on work? We have Superfast Broadband

Working from home, catching up with friends, and streaming the latest Netflix series is not a problem for Cornwall’s Superfast Broadband. 95% of Cornwall is connected to it so no matter where you move to, you’re more than likely going to be able to binge-browse without breaking a broadband sweat!


6. Cliff-top views, sweeping landscapes, and over 300 miles of coast

“Grab your coat, the kids, and the dog because we’re walking 300 miles of the South West Coast Path”. Okay, so maybe you’ll walk until you find an independent café to grab a hot chocolate from, but the views will be amazing and the light breeze will be so refreshing.


7. Write in the sand and enjoy the water

Cliff-tops not your thing? Everyone loves the beach! Beaches for miles surround Cornwall and you’re never more than hour away from one, even if you live in the very mainland centre!


8. The award-winning St Austell Brewery

Cornwall is home to St Austell Brewery, boasting some of the most famous and thirst-inspiring brands of the county! Having been around since 1851 the Cornish brewery is proud of its flagship beer, Tribute Ale.  You should definitely give it a try!


9. Fancy swimming to New York? Cornwall has the closest start point

Whether you’re looking for an iconic landmark, the starting point for a long walk, or a great place to watch the waves, Land’s End does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s the most westerly point in mainland UK.


10. Take up a new sport in the sea

Surfing, wind sailing, body-boarding, and paddle boarding are fully engrained into the culture of Cornwall. North Cornwall in particular, is recognised across the world for its waves: with global, competitive surf events taking place right here in the county.  With a ridiculous number of beaches, together with scenic rivers and lakes, you’ll be guaranteed to come across equipment hire and an instructor near you!

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How to minimise the chaos of moving with young children

Moving house has been documented as one of the most stressful times in somebody’s life, and when combining young children with that it can be even harder. We have moved many many families so we’ve put together our best advice on moving with a young family which should help you to maximise the efficiency of your move and minimise the chaos!



#1    If you have tiny tots and toddlers that tend to wander or touch things they shouldn’t then it may be best to try to keep them away from the move. You could try and ask a grandparent or siblings in to babysit the kids for you while you focus on the moving itself. That will definitely minimise chaos of trying to navigate a small child away from the stairs while a wardrobe is being carried up them!

#2    If you are bringing your children then it’s a good idea to have some sort of entertainment for them as well as snacks and drinks. Keeping a buggie to hand as well as their bag full of nappies/changing equipment/spare clothes etc. can be a lifesaver as it will avoid rummaging through boxes or having to nip to the shop mid-move!

#3    Another good tip is to put their favourite toys and playthings (and even a baby gate?) into one box and place it in the front and top of the lorry. As the last thing on this means it’ll be the first thing out so you’ll be able to set up your little ones in their new room with their toys and they’ll be pleased as punch!

#4    If you have a fairly new baby then you’re going to need all your equipment to prepare their milk if they’re not being breastfed. Make sure this is carefully packed up and place it strategically in the front of the moving lorry/van so that you know where it is and can grab it straight away. That might be the box to unpack first in the kitchen.

#5    Prioritising the children’s room/s is a good bit of advice as they’re going to need to be settled earlier in bed and also may have school. Getting them into a routine and settled is going to help you keep your move stress free so installing their beds and unpacking their school uniforms is a good start.

We hope that we’ve given you some ideas as to how a move with young children can be easily managed. Get in contact with us to discuss your move and to see how else we can help you.


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How do I responsibly dispose of items when I’m moving homes?

Cornwall is a gorgeous county with remarkable landscapes, sweeping scenery and stunning views. St Austell is no different and offers the best of both worlds: the idyllic Cornish views coupled with the busy buzz of an inner-city town. The best way to look after Cornwall and St Austell is to be environmentally conscious, and that applies to when you’re moving too!

When you’re moving homes it’s easy to become stressed and want the experience over as soon as possible, leading to many people just throwing out items irresponsibly! Disposing of electrical items, furniture and clothing ethically can be a great way to boost your mood and to look after Cornwall. Fly tipping severely damages the environment and it really spoils the great Cornish views!

Electrical items are often tricky when it comes to disposal, as there are many laws about how they need to be taken care of. For example fridges have to be disposed of correctly or else they could leak gases harmful to the ozone layer. To dispose of broken large electrical items such as a washing machine, fridge or dishwasher, it’s best to contact your local council as for a small fee they will come and collect if from you. However if a new one at your new home is just replacing your fridge and it’s still usable, donate it to a charity or sell it online!


Donating to charity can also be a good way for you to clear out any old items you’re not going to need in your new home! Electrical items like iPods, MP3 players and stereos are perfect to donate to charity stores, as they’re pretty easy to sell as long as they work. Taking your furniture to a local charity is great too, especially when it’s still clean and in good working condition. Clothing is fairly easy to dispose of, as the easiest thing to do is bag up all of your still-wearable items and take them to the nearest charity shop. You could even opt to take part in a ‘cash for clothes’ scheme and donate that money instead!

Another way to dispose of old items is to sell them on. Selling old but working electrical items on GumTree or in the local paper is a great way to raise a little bit of cash for your new home. Similarly it’s easy to sell smaller furniture items at local car boot sales or online, making room for your new items and also raising funds! You could also try looking for local swap-shops and exchanging your old items for something new.

Use this handy recycling locator to find the best place to pass on your unwanted items and together we’ll look after St Austell and Cornwall. For more advice on how to dispose of your unwanted items responsibly, contact us!

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Reasons to live in St Austell

St Austell is one of the largest towns in Cornwall with a growing population of around 34,700 people. Just 30 miles west of the border of Devon, the town comprises the best of country life, beach living and an urban city centre.

In the mid 19th to early 20th century, St Austell became a mining town which caused the population to increase significantly. This continuous growth of the parish city was mainly because china clay was discovered just north of the border in Hensbarrow Downs and after becoming the principal industry in the area (due to the fall in prices of tin and metals) families who had lost jobs due to this collapse moved nearer to St Austell to become part of the clay mining rise.

The population boom resulted in new business, shops, offices and more housing for the area, seeing it become the St Austell that it is today. St Austell is now one of the most important commercial centres in Cornwall.

In August 2007 the town centre underwent a £75m redevelopment process to modernise the area and in October it was announced the new shopping centre would be called White River Place, with over 50% of its shopping units already leased to big names. Coupled with a cinema and a weekly local produce market every Saturday, White River Place opened its doors in October 2009. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a day with the family or to treat yourself to food and a flick on the big screen! The stunning new development was a real turning point for St Austell and firmly put it on the map for visitors from all over the UK.


A few years later in 2011 Cornwall Council set aside £250 million for a beach resort scheme in Carlyon Bay. The development is set to start building this year in 2015 and will see around 500 beachside homes, health facilities, bars, restaurants and local shops all having seaside views. 654 jobs are going to be created throughout the build with 350 permanent jobs created when the new build is finished. It’s a great time to move to St Austell, especially considering the glorious views you’ll have right on your doorstep.

If you’re interested in moving to St Austell then get in contact with one of our team or pop in to see us on your next visit!

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New identity for SP Cocks

Cornwall’s oldest removal company SP Cocks have unveiled their brand new corporate identity and website. The exciting new proposition has been created by Plymouth based design and marketing agency Fuel Communications.

The new identity has been heavily influenced by Cornwall. The logo features a chough which is the bird that is featured on Cornwall’s coat of arms. According to the mythical legend King Arthur did not die but was transformed into a Red-billed Chough. SP Cocks have also adopted the Duchy’s black, white and gold colours. SP Cocks Director Vicky Hackworthy explained; “We wanted to re-position the company and play on our Cornish heritage. SP Cocks is Cornwall’s oldest removal company, we wanted to play on our Cornish background but it was important that the execution was modern and forward thinking. I am delighted with the new look, it will help to set the tone for the business for many years to come”.

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Looking for sponsorship?

Cornwall’s oldest removal company SP Cocks are looking to develop their portfolio of sponsorship activity within Cornwall. To coincide with their recent brand development SP Cocks want to engage with any community related project that may require support. The offer is open to any sporting club, children’s activity group, society or association who would be interested in generating some support.

Company Director Vicky Hackworthy commented; “Everybody at SP Cocks is passionate about Cornwall and we are keen to celebrate the fact that we have been serving the area for 85 years. During that time we have moved many, many people around the Duchy, this area is the heartland for our business and we just want to give something back”.

If you want to approach SP Cocks for support in the first instance please contact us by e-mailing info@spcocks.co.uk. Just remember to include details about your activity and the role it plays within your community.

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