How to minimise the chaos of moving with young children

Moving house has been documented as one of the most stressful times in somebody’s life, and when combining young children with that it can be even harder. We have moved many many families so we’ve put together our best advice on moving with a young family which should help you to maximise the efficiency of your move and minimise the chaos!



#1    If you have tiny tots and toddlers that tend to wander or touch things they shouldn’t then it may be best to try to keep them away from the move. You could try and ask a grandparent or siblings in to babysit the kids for you while you focus on the moving itself. That will definitely minimise chaos of trying to navigate a small child away from the stairs while a wardrobe is being carried up them!

#2    If you are bringing your children then it’s a good idea to have some sort of entertainment for them as well as snacks and drinks. Keeping a buggie to hand as well as their bag full of nappies/changing equipment/spare clothes etc. can be a lifesaver as it will avoid rummaging through boxes or having to nip to the shop mid-move!

#3    Another good tip is to put their favourite toys and playthings (and even a baby gate?) into one box and place it in the front and top of the lorry. As the last thing on this means it’ll be the first thing out so you’ll be able to set up your little ones in their new room with their toys and they’ll be pleased as punch!

#4    If you have a fairly new baby then you’re going to need all your equipment to prepare their milk if they’re not being breastfed. Make sure this is carefully packed up and place it strategically in the front of the moving lorry/van so that you know where it is and can grab it straight away. That might be the box to unpack first in the kitchen.

#5    Prioritising the children’s room/s is a good bit of advice as they’re going to need to be settled earlier in bed and also may have school. Getting them into a routine and settled is going to help you keep your move stress free so installing their beds and unpacking their school uniforms is a good start.

We hope that we’ve given you some ideas as to how a move with young children can be easily managed. Get in contact with us to discuss your move and to see how else we can help you.


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