How do I responsibly dispose of items when I’m moving homes?

Cornwall is a gorgeous county with remarkable landscapes, sweeping scenery and stunning views. St Austell is no different and offers the best of both worlds: the idyllic Cornish views coupled with the busy buzz of an inner-city town. The best way to look after Cornwall and St Austell is to be environmentally conscious, and that applies to when you’re moving too!

When you’re moving homes it’s easy to become stressed and want the experience over as soon as possible, leading to many people just throwing out items irresponsibly! Disposing of electrical items, furniture and clothing ethically can be a great way to boost your mood and to look after Cornwall. Fly tipping severely damages the environment and it really spoils the great Cornish views!

Electrical items are often tricky when it comes to disposal, as there are many laws about how they need to be taken care of. For example fridges have to be disposed of correctly or else they could leak gases harmful to the ozone layer. To dispose of broken large electrical items such as a washing machine, fridge or dishwasher, it’s best to contact your local council as for a small fee they will come and collect if from you. However if a new one at your new home is just replacing your fridge and it’s still usable, donate it to a charity or sell it online!


Donating to charity can also be a good way for you to clear out any old items you’re not going to need in your new home! Electrical items like iPods, MP3 players and stereos are perfect to donate to charity stores, as they’re pretty easy to sell as long as they work. Taking your furniture to a local charity is great too, especially when it’s still clean and in good working condition. Clothing is fairly easy to dispose of, as the easiest thing to do is bag up all of your still-wearable items and take them to the nearest charity shop. You could even opt to take part in a ‘cash for clothes’ scheme and donate that money instead!

Another way to dispose of old items is to sell them on. Selling old but working electrical items on GumTree or in the local paper is a great way to raise a little bit of cash for your new home. Similarly it’s easy to sell smaller furniture items at local car boot sales or online, making room for your new items and also raising funds! You could also try looking for local swap-shops and exchanging your old items for something new.

Use this handy recycling locator to find the best place to pass on your unwanted items and together we’ll look after St Austell and Cornwall. For more advice on how to dispose of your unwanted items responsibly, contact us!

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How do I responsibly dispose of items when I’m moving homes? read more


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