FAQ – The answers to all your moving questions

We know that moving home is a huge upheaval for you and therefore you’re likely to have plenty of questions. We’ve tried to preempt these with an extensive list of our most frequently enquiries below.

But of course, if you don’t find what you need, please feel free to get in touch by phone or email and we’ll happily answer your questions.

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Moving costs

Q: Why do I need to hire a professional mover?

A: It’s no secret that moving can be hugely stressful. Family and friends may well offer to help, but they’re busy themselves and may not be able to assist safely with larger items. Our dedicated, skilled team is here to take the weight off and manage the whole move for you, which is priceless for many people!

Q: How much does a professional removals service cost?

A: It depends on how much you have to move and how far you’re going. Some moves only need a couple of members of staff, others require a larger team. You can use our estimating service to get an idea on costs, or take a moment to fill in our full quote form for more accurate costings.

Q: If I get a quote, how accurate will it be?

A: The more information you give us, the more accurate we can be. As part of the service, we’ll send a surveyor to your house so you can run through everything with them in order to receive the most precise quote possible.

Q: There may be access issues, what do we need to do about that?

A: Your surveyor will check out your current property for access issues and answer your questions then and there. But when it comes to your new property, be sure to let us know about any issues which might arise such as a narrow driveway or steps up to the main entrance.

If you’re using our online quote generator, be sure to include all of this information, even if you’re not sure whether it’s needed.

Q: How long before moving day should I get my quote?

A: We know that moving dates can, well, move. But it’s never too early to start factoring in the cost of your removals. Having that paperwork in place is one less thing you need to worry about while you’re going back and forth with solicitors. Our prices are guaranteed for three months from the quote date, which should give you enough time.

If your moving date has come about very suddenly, give us a call to check our availability. We’ll do our best to find the space for your move, with no corners cut.

Q: Which day/date do you recommend for moving?

A: Generally, we’re busiest during the school holidays and at the end of each month. Weekdays are all charged at the same rate but you’ll find that a weekend move will cost slightly more. So if you’re watching the pennies, aim for a midweek moving date.

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Preparing for your move

Q: Can we supply our own boxes?

A: Yes, absolutely. We encourage customers to reuse boxes from previous moves or donated boxes from friends and family. However, we do recommend that you use double-walled boxes to protect your belongings during the move. If you need boxes, just ask. We can arrange for some to be delivered to you ahead of your move and include this in your quote.

Q: Which packing materials are provided as part of the service?

A: We will come armed with brand new boxes, white paper and durable packing tape. We also use export blanket wrap, bubble wrap and durable crates if necessary. Our boxes come in two sizes; Small and Large.

Small (457x330x330mm): Use small boxes for DVDs, CDs, books and fragile items.
Large (457x457x499mm): Use large boxes for kitchen equipment, toys and any other larger household items.

Q: Can you deliver boxes to specific rooms?

A: Of course. All we ask is that you clearly mark each box with ‘bedroom 1’, ‘living room’ etc. (it’s usually best to do this on the top and on three sides so it’s always visible to our movers). It’ll go right where you want it.

Q: How can I get organised prior to the moving date?

A: We always suggest that you just focus on the packing rather than the moving. Don’t worry about moving smaller boxes around: we can take care of that on arrival.

Q: Do I need to empty any filing cabinets?

A: If you have a two-drawer plastic or metal cabinet, you can leave these full. If you have a four-drawer cabinet, you will only need to empty the top two drawers. If you have a tall filing cabinet, you’ll need to empty every drawer.

Q: Do I have to empty clothing from dresser drawers?

A: Not necessarily. Just be sure to remove anything fragile. If the unit is particularly large, it could be useful to partially empty it before our movers arrive. We’ll bring wardrobe cartons for hanging items up neatly, or we can deliver these to you in advance if you want to get on with dismantling your wardrobe.

Q: Do I need to dismantle beds and furniture?

A: Dismantling and reassembling standard bed frames is all part of the service. However, some items may need to be dismantled before moving day. If you have any non-standard items which you’d like our movers to dismantle, let the surveyor know so they can factor this into the quote.

Q: How can I prepare appliances for moving?

A: Empty out your microwave, dishwasher, washing machine, tumble dryer, fridge and freezer completely before the movers arrive. While they’ll be happy to disconnect and reconnect standard connections for washing machines, our movers aren’t trained electricians or plumbers so you’ll need to ask the relevant companies to disconnect your gas appliances and lighting. If we’re going to be storing any appliances for you, make sure they’re empty, clean and completely dry so that mould and mildew won’t take hold.

Q: Will the moving crew empty out the loft/attic?

A: Unfortunately, we’re not able to carry out a full risk assessment for lofts and attics before the move. Unless access is via fixed stairs with handrails, and is fully boarded out, we won’t be able to empty it. You’ll find most moving companies abide by the same rules.

Q: Will my plants be moved by the crew?

A: Yes, your moving crew will happily move plants as long as they’ve been properly packed and prepared. However, there’s always the slight chance that plants can be traumatised by motion or changes in temperature during removals, so you might prefer to move these yourself.

Q: Are there any particular items that your crew cannot move?

A: The only things we’re not licensed to move are hazardous or combustible items like propane tanks, paint and firearms.

Q: I think I’m going to need storage. Do you have any options?

A: Yes, you have two choices: containerised storage and self storage. If you’re not going to be needing access, we usually recommend containerised storage. Our large wooden boxes measure 8’x7’x5′ and hold 250 cu ft, and these are moved around by forklift. We try to limit the number of times these boxes are handled to reduce the risk of damage.

If you’re going to need access to your belongings while they’re in storage, we offer self storage with an extremely reliable, cost-effective local company. Just ask for details.

Q: I have some belongings that I want to keep but can’t fit them in my new property. Can you store these?

A: Yes, we do this a lot for our customers. Many people find they don’t have room for much-loved pieces of furniture, and our low-cost storage options offer the perfect solution. Let your surveyor know full details and it can be included in your removals quote.

Q: Are there certain items which you can’t store?

A: We’re unable to store anything living, perishable or flammable. So, for example, if we’re going to be storing a lawnmower, you’ll need to fully drain out any petrol or oil.


We also recommend that you keep personal items like important documents, keys, laptops, mobile phones and high-value jewellery with you during your move.

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Moving Day

Q: How can I let movers know what to take and what to leave?

A: When our crew arrives at your home, they’ll walk through the property with you and you can highlight which items are to be moved and which are to be left behind.

Q: Will furniture be arranged for me in the new property?

A: Yes, of course. Our friendly movers are used to working closely with customers so they’ll make sure your furniture is arranged exactly how you like it in your new home.

Q: Can the moving team transport pets?

A: We’re afraid not: it’s just not safe for us to transport pets.

Q: Will I travel in the moving truck or separately?

A: For liability reasons, we cannot allow customers to travel with us in the moving truck.

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We hope the above has helped but if you still have questions, please feel very welcome to get in touch via phone or email.

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